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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Term 1 Begins "Oh what a feeling!!!"

Now that I have made them, which store do I want to sell them in? It will have to be an eeny meeny miny mo decision.
This is very froo froo and theyre multiplying.
This is a blanket. (for my son)

This is very lemon meringue

this is a paper weight and
a pin cushion which upcycles
old holden screws from
back in the days when I used
to need old holden screws.

and this one just looks foofy, chocolatey and pink
In between non business type crafting, I have been designing some tags. Practicing Photoshop. Experimenting with some labels. Cutting fabric for bags and working on some button designs from recycled wood.
I picked up a bag I was knitting and cannot for the life of me remember the stitch I was supposed to do. I hate that. Its so simple too. Anyhow, do I really need another string bag. Well, yes. What if my other ones are in the wash, hello!!!?
And here are my big fat totes that I actually make when Im not goofing off. Yes I really am making bags. These are the big ones that replace the polypropelene invasion. 100% cotton. You can throw them in your compost heap or use as weedmat when you are done after about 2- 3 years of heavy use at the supermarket.
Coming to my store very soon if I stop froofing around with my froofy cupcakes. But theyre so fun!

Watch this!

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