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Thursday, January 10, 2008

After Midnight..again!

Today was one I shall have to note because some things just have to be written somewhere and I don't keep a personal diary or anything like that.
This morning I spent a couple of hours with my lovely friend E, showing her a few tips on a computer she has acquired. E is an extremely intelligent woman and even though she is almost 70, in a year or 2 she will be showing me what to do but for now she gets really frustrated. Computers have a way of making people feel dumb when this simply isn't true.
As I walked to the computer room they had set up, I caught a glimpse of myself in a few years time and it gave me the warm fuzzies. You see E can do everything. Paint, sew, knit, crochet, you name it and all around her lounge where piles of projects waiting to be played with. I noticed a half done painting way over in the corner leaning against a desk which was covered in brushes and paints. Baskets of wool, dried peel in a pot on the gorgeous cast iron stove and knitting needles galore, all in their places ready for work.
E told me some sad news while I was there that someone we know has breast cancer and was undergoing treatment. Last time I saw this woman she was scroll sawing an intricate design piece her friend had requested. I don't know this woman well but she always left an impression on me as some one calm and devoted. She home schooled all of her kids and last we spoke she didn't know what she was going to do because her last child was finishing school that year so a whole world of opportunities were opening up for her. Not close enough to offer my help to her and her family but familiar enough to care all I can do is send her and her family warm thoughts because I truly do wish her well.
So with that in mind I drove to my doctors to make THE appointment to get this surgery I might or might not need sorted out because I keep putting it off . 24th of this month I go and I just dont want to. Last time I went to her when I had a gut feeling something was wrong I had a huge abscess on my spine. The real problem was me sitting still. For example, with the last surgery I had wire stitched in 4 places to hold bits in place so the other stitches didn't move. So as soon as I got home I go and paint a fence........well anyhow its not like I can see the scars I made that day :)
So if I can't sit for 2 weeks how am I going to manage 6 weeks.............................
In my usual fashion, I will look at pretty stuff so as to not think about yucky stuff.
Like this
and this
I absolutely love this Bloomsberry & Co Chocolate mum got me.

Must sleep now. I have to get up early to cook the next batch of sculpeys before it gets to 40 deg C
I love love love my air conditioner!
and I love sculpeys
and I love chocolate
and I love my husband because out of the blue, for no reason at all, he came home with a gift certificate for a local fabric store because he actually noticed I havent bought any fabric lately and when he asked me why, I said " I cant possibley justify buying more fabric so close to school fees etc being due when I have a whole shed of it"
I will cook his second favourite meal tomorrow.


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