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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back to the nitty gritty

Christmas break is too long in Australia. Especially for year 11' business is being broken up between fights over Wii, reception for teenagers(who both have mobile phones grr) and just stuff. Whilst disrupted I have still managed keep as active with starting my business as humanly possible with 4 kids.

  • I have been researching other peoples blogs and what direction I want to go in when I am no longer "creating nunde" and I move on to blog "nunde creations". All Things Metal Clay has brilliant views on this and very much what I want when I grow out of this blog and into a new one. Then there is some great tips from All Things Bright and Beautiful and last but not least Dummies Guide to Google Blogger I am far from the crossroad where I have to make a decision and turn in a new direction but I am heading that way.
  • I am working on my original mission statement, aim and objectives. Tweaking them and refining them so I can refer to them when I get sidetracked.
  • Labels are a hassle and I am working to resolve that.
  • Patterns are a hassle, who would have thought you need a pattern to make bags. I just thought if you closed your eyes and prayed to the sewing goddess a bag would instantly form. I use Wild Ginger and it is a fabulous program but I am finding discrepancies in the print out measurements. Ill make my own from scratch until otherwise informed of what a noob I am. There is always someone to tell you a better way and I welcome that.
  • I am working on my Header and some Avatars to look more pro which means learning photoshop more.
  • I cleaned my shed where I will be working. Not just a little, a lot. Its totally functional.
  • Signed up for 3 Online places to sell handmade goods(2 in Australia) and got them operational so that I can sell and became familiar with my old friend eBay.

So as unexciting as that all is, that's what this blog is about. Creating nunde. And so I am!


All Things Bright and Beautiful... January 26, 2008 at 11:18 PM  

Dear Nunde!!

thank you so much for the mention here!! :-)

Week 3 of tips is up if you need anymore 9 and can be bothered wading through all the posts!!

Take care

All Things

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