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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School Holidays Almost Nearly Over

Flat out like a lizard drinkin!I don't know how everyone else copes with working from home on school holidays but I would love to observe to see if I could pick up tips. Tomorrow we go hand in Connors library Summer reading competition at the Narre Warren Library and he goes into the big draw for some cool prizes.My son ran off before anyone was awake yesterday and was brought home by a nice man who explained he found him wandering around near the milk bar(1.2 kms from my house). The man asked him where he was going and Connor ( who thank goodness chose his good clothes and they all matched) told him " I am going to a secret Ninja meeting that is being held at Fountain Gate" So he brought him home and I thanked him a million times whilst rubbing my still asleep eyes and when I asked Connor what on earth he was doing wandering around with out at least telling anybody he was going he explained quite indignantly " I was not wandering around, I was going to my secret Ninja meeting at Fountain Gate and you didn't have to worry, LOOK mum, I left you a note" And so he did, on the mat by the front door....It was just too funny and so lucky and way to hilarious to scold him. He got a lecture on bad people to which he explained " I can use my Ninja powers on Bad people" So I persisted but he persisted back with all of his super powers.To the man who brought my 6 year old son home THANK YOU.Im flat out working from morning til night and I am days away from having a mass of stock complete. Today I had to go to Dr because apparently I have scratched inside of my ear canal and its infected and the whole side of my face hurts and some has no feeling at all. I also fell on a TOY Connor left at the back door step, twisting both of my ankles and falling backwards onto the brickwork, so I feel like a train wreck right now. I havent fallen since I was a kid and it shocked me how I was unable to stop it and had to wait to land to assess the damage. It was a weird experience and I have awesome bruises.I am so excited. I pick up my Sculpey oven tomorrow. Ok enough writing. Its pictures I want. We all want pictures dont we? So it shall be..tomorrow! Oh and I think I am brave enough to do my first give away soon. Oh now thats scary!

Blog ya later!
And once again
Thank you to that absolutely brilliant man who brought my son home.


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