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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trash Talk Tuesday

I am blessed to have supportive friends amongst my collection of people and one of the few that dont roll their eyes at my passion for recycling/refashioning etc etc is Aisha and she often sends me tidbits that she has come across in her travels.
Instead of pretending like I did the work I am going to just post her email and it will now be the body of this post. So here is Trash Talk Tuesday's Topic, gifted to us from Aisha......

Aisha wrote:
"I go to a basket weavers group every month, and having an awesome time learning how to use the products in our gardens, native and non native... before the compost gets it... and just basically sharing the wisdom of the world...
Anywho... one of the ladies that attends is also an artist her name is Ann McMahon and she weaves out of recycled bread bags.... The colors that come through are simply lovely, and even up close you wouldn't think they are plastic... She doesn't have a website but is mentioned on the website ARTEREAL. Here is a page with her statement and one pic of her plastic eggs....
This same lady Ann, told me about the (ELF) Orange recycle centre in Orange, an education center, community garden and just an amazing recourse for the community, they also have an art program and competition using waste...
here is their art page...
http://www.netwaste.org.au/projects/wasteToArt.htm "

by Aisha

When I saw Ann's poly eggs I totally embraced the message and felt like some one was speaking my language. My heart fluttered a little. Thanks Aisha for pointing these sites out.
Also there is some good info for us tech savvy E people on E- waste which I think all Computer users must/should/need to read up on. Including myself.

Dont forget chicky babes: For all of those interested in signing up for a new Handmade market please go HERE for the info

Oh and I would LOVE to see some of that weaving done at the weaving class! hint hint!!

Cheers everyone



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