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Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Inspires me!

I know that you didn't ask but I felt compelled to answer. I mean it is something that I ponder often and I feel the urge to blog it. What inspires me is actually a huge contradiction to what I surround myself with sometimes. I get excited when I see a multicoloured flower such as rose that starts off white, blends into yellow then is tipped bright pink around the rim. WOW. Those colors sound a little iffy together but mother nature somehow manages to co ordinate even the most gaudy combinations and makes them look fabulous.

I love reading interior design blogs or mags for patterns. I just love patterns. Paisleys and polka dots make me go WOW, Gingham makes me feel sunny and dappled shadows from the sun shining through trees just makes me want screen print it or scroll saw the image for me to keep forever. Interior designers put everything together brilliantly and they find the best fabric, wall paper and furniture which all makes for spectacular eye candy.
I get excited and inspired by historical buildings, textiles and furniture. One of my favourite films/doco's that I thoroughly recommend is Russian Ark.

Check out the interior and the costumes. The costumes are superb and the makers are artists in their own right. The wardrobe/costumes are the first things I look at when I watch anything historical whether its a documentary or a movie and it makes all the difference. The next thing I look at are the interiors/exteriors and the furniture.

St. Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum is on my list of places to travel in the future. As you can tell, buildings excite me. Old, Old buildings. I get my mum to drive me to the city so that I can look at the old terrace houses. Wrought iron and old red brick or rendered. I used to draw pictures of houses constantly, always old and rickety, and no, they weren't any good. I just loved drawing them. I hated going to the UK but I loved the buildings. All of them. My greatest passion is gardens though. Once again, my own garden doesn't reflect my passion for them but I intend on fulfilling this passion one day by taking a trip around the world purely looking at them. Not just botanical or landscaped but the average and the norm. I love them all. Even the most mundane has a story. When I worked full time I used to drive around on my lunch break just looking at houses and gardens
And my most favourite plants or gardens ever is anything from China.

For lazy but warm and fuzzy nurturing inspiration I love a good movie. Art movies especially and this one is one of my favourites plus I love the garden in it.

Some refreshing blogs that inspire me are 23BeechHill , Daisy Pink Cupcakes , Ravenhill and absolutely beautiful things. I stumbled on this and love it Jen Gotch Photography and I just added Brown Button for new inspiration and her badges cracked me up. Just as fabulous is LilyG and Cathy Pentone designs. So with my old and new additions to my blog roll I shall have plenty of inspiration from some extremely creative people.
Tomorrow I am off to the weavers exhibition in Melbourne and I am pretty excited about it. Which scarf to wear though.... oh and I finally figured out how to do the curly whirly scarf, however, much to my dismay it will not be complete in time. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave me a comment so that I can come and look at your blog too.

What Inspires you?


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