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Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday Craft Shoppe @ the community centre

Scarf anyone?

From conventional to novelty

to designer hand woven.

All Handmade. Support knitters in the community and the Narre Warren learning centre. Come and see if we have a scarf to suit you. Inside there is a wheel barrow full of them. Price starts from $11.95
Around the table
Joyce knitted some squares for Linnys blanket. She is so fast, even with her failing eyes, that she whips up half a dozen squares in the time it takes Linny and I to do one. These squares are precious to us and will be added to our own personal blankies....I am still waiting for one for you Linny!!!

It was the bosses birthday so we got to eat cake.
Linny made a gluten free almond cake and I had 2 pieces, yes , really! I'm such a piggy. But seriously, this cake was delicious.

We had a busy day and my cupcakes have been selling regularly which I am very pleased about. Time to make more and this time I will make extra to list on my online stores.
Hope you can stop by one day soon!


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