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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My photoshop broke

What to do?
I have been transferring data for days now from 3 hard drives to one big one. I cannot find the photoshop install disc and I am loath to buy anymore Microsoft products so I have successfully found brilliant replacements. We have 9 computers and only 2 are for my business so it gets too pricey to be reliant on MS products for them all.
I'm sure everyone has heard Open Office. It's a brilliant FREE substitute for MS Office and I have been using it for about 7 years now and I cant fault it. It also has free templates for a variety of office forms.
Photoshop was replaced with GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program and it is a brilliant program and it is FREE. Click on the name to go directly to Gimp 2.4 Download page. I know some family and friends that will greatly benefit from this program and its reducing file size abilities...yes guys, you know who I am talking to :) I am even prepared to come around and teach you how to use it for a cuppa and a bikkie (maybe some sticky date pudding mum???)
Both Websites will remain linked on my sidebar should anyone feel froggy enough to take the leap or maybe just a peak


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