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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Scarf

2 weeks ago I made this in about 30 minutes using a poly tube and I love it to bits but it wont go with my outfit on Friday. I am going to an exhibition with my mum and I need a scarf because it is in Melbourne after all. Brrrrrr.

I tried to make one of these "Short Circuit" Scarves that Jejune makes but it all went horribly wrong. I am going to keep trying. As soon as I get it right on practice wool I will go buy myself some lovely cream pure wool which will match the little flowers in my top. Oh the fashion dilemma I am facing. Why cant I just wear my holey jeans and falling to bits tshirts that I live in? Ok fine!(mums disapproving voice is in my head) I will make an effort..... I simply cant be seen without a color coordinated scarf though. Oh Oh I know. Some one at the craft shop is sure to know how to teach me how to follow the pattern!!


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