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Friday, August 8, 2008

Fantastic Friday

In an attempt to manage my time I have designated Friday as my admin day. Because my paperwork is very little at present and I am still working on efficient ways to process and store nunde related information, I wont be tied to the desk for more than 3 hours. And that's including lots of fudge time. Fudge time = achieving nothing time.
In the creating of nunde I have learned a great deal about what I hadn't learned about business. My previous business was a heavy vehicle mobile mechanic business so the differences in how that one and this one run are quite different. For one thing we didn't have GST back then. There are forms that I need for nunde that I didn't need before and I find myself caught out and looking unprofessional. So today I will be rectifying that and I will endeavour to create templates of all the forms necessary. See, I really am creating nunde from scratch and I really am blogging the mundane points of doing so along the way.
Todays to do list
admin, yes yes I know already.
weekly time management chart
list work orders for next week.
Clean work area so it's fresh for the next batch of work.

Wishing you fellow crafty business like bloggers a successful and satisfying week ahead and a refreshing week end to kick it off with.
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