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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Broken, Fallen, and fixed

So, I went out to the back yard and was admiring the purple flowers on the native hibiscus and it occurred to me that the tree was much shorter. And then it occurred to me that the huge dead gum tree behind it was much more horizontal.
Now you may see a terrible mess here but I see buttons, bits and bobs and a fair bit of fire wood. I'm quite excited.

So now I have to get one of these in order to make said buttons, bits and bobs. Yay, more tools.

I had a refresher course on the lathe yesterday. Rick very patiently showed me how to make these cotton reels. I saw them in a magazine once and promised myself and friends I would make some. While Rick was fixing up the gouges I managed to decorate my reel with, a flock of woodworkers had swooped down on the broken band saw that I cunningly left on one of the work bench earlier.First Bob, then Hughey, Rick then Jack, then Hughey, Jack and Stuart with a couple of onlookers all at the same time.
All had a tinker with out me even so much as muttering a word and by the time my reel was complete, tools put back and my work area swept, I had a fully operational band saw again. Now that's called multitasking!! How lucky am I? Surrounded by such a great bunch of blokes. We all decided unanimously that the GMC band saw was a piece of &^%$. Well it must be if it took that many skilled woodies to fix the darn thing.

Ta da! a cotton reel.

Whats this? It is my old dog run. The 2 Labs destroyed everything in it so I am now locking them out of the dog run and I am planting it out with as much lavender, herbs and veggies that I can fit. I intend on harvesting my own lavender for use in some nunde products and it will be interesting to see how many I can grow. I dislike lavender a great deal but I will overlook that.
I paid 6 bucks for this ARGH I need to find a fellow gardener with lavender and snag some to propagate myself. I reckon Id pay $6 for Bindii before I paid that again for weedy smelly lavender.

The old wading pools will be recycled of course. Raise garden beds without even breaking a sweat to raise them. I like that idea.
I will be measuring up soon after I work out a design but it will basically be a copy cat of the ones on The ABC gardening show. Various berries will be grown up the back of my studio.

Yes I do need more wool...

Spotlight is having a sale and I grabbed these while I could to make bizarre scarves and other strange items that I am working on.

(note to self. Put more effort into better back grounds when taking pictures)
Another fixer upper. My $18.75 hat rack from the thrift shop broke and with a bit of wood glue and some new bolts where you cant see them, voila, good as new!

Oh how I missed my coat rack. Glad it's back

And here is my hat that I made as a bag and found it worked better as a hat because I had no hats for my very cold head but I already had far too many bags.
Well it was freezing!

No froofy pictures to end with. Just a thank you for stopping by.
If any of you are bored, please come and paint my house. I hate the green now. I will just add it to my to do list.....
Cheers everyone


dani (pyglet) August 6, 2008 at 8:33 AM  

Great bag hat!! Looks very warm!

Watch this!

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