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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's all go go go at nunde

The transition from a shed to a studio is complete. I couldn't rest today as intended so I did the final touches and then became inspired to finally create some nunde creations. Sketches were drawn. Templates cut.

Colors co ordinated

and placed in process line positions

Not one, but many nunde creations, lined up in an organized fashion ready for the next step. The cutting table full and piles of fabric ready to be pinned.
Canvasses already primed, paint brushes now placed in position. If my pictures are shocking it's not like anyone will ever have to see them. Coaxing myself to be brave and give something different a go.
Finally at 10:30pm I decided to force myself to stop

and now I will try to sleep and push all thoughts of the bags and the buttons and the bag handles and the bits and the bobs that I want to create because that is what I do. And so my day is complete because I did what I do because I can and for that I'm bloody well grateful.

and now my thoughts go to my shiny new shelves. mmm shiny glass shelves in my new wall units that reflect the yummy colors. Now to dream of bags and things. yes yes,I know, I have gold fish 3 second focus. ooooh colors
good night!!


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