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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wonderful Winter

Every where is green.
And Shiny

One winter, I went to bunnings to buy a chiminera. I read the instructions, prime it and prepped it and filled it with wood. So what if I put too much wood in? I mean seriously, instructions really exaggerate the perils of not following them purely for legal reasons right?
So more wood I shove and just as I walk towards the teeny tiny veggie patch to tend to it BANG!!!!!
It did explode as the the Warning said it would, AND my pergola roof was on fire. So screaming and cracking up laughing at the same time I put the fire out, carefully lifted my now snapped in half chiminera into the teeny tiny veggie patch where it reminds me everyday, Yes Melanie, Warnings are there for a reason
Now to the point
Look at the lovely winter flower!!

I know Ive told that story before but it cracks me up.
So what did I get up to today apart from weeding and sneezing.(still have a cold)

I had one large 120cm by 40cm canvas, 1 scrap of fabric from the drapes i made, a glue gun, staple gun, some wire and a huge blank spot on a wall.

and this is what I came up with Yay!

And here is my completed rescued chair.
I got to use my skills I had attained by joining the Woodworking club yet again and I am sitting on it right now. My feet don't touch the floor so I get to swing my legs whilst typing.

I love the smell of leather and I cant believe someone chucked it out just because of one wonky leg. I hope they get kicked by a cow for being so inconsiderate.



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