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Friday, July 11, 2008

Fantastic Fridays

Another blanket of scraps. This one is for Connor(7) Once these simple blankeys are done I'm going to make a gorgeous cable patterned cream one to drape over my winged knitting chair...mmmm cream. I vow to have this one finished my July 30th because I hate blue, there for I knit if faster to get it over with.

This is the kind of stuff that impresses me and its heartening to see a work area that resembles mine:) Winner of the Craft Challenge #28
I have made 4 lists and each will be given to the resident mess makers. Whilst they are cleaning the house, I will be in my shed designing/creating and I swear to the Craft Goddess that today I will be creative.
No Housework

No Taxi-ing Children
No Whining about my woes

Ignoring my cold that is now Laryngitis(sp)
So, off I trot to adorn my self with my lucky crafting scarf that gives me super creativity powers

Have a fantastic Friday!


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