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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nokia 95 my all in one PA

Bear with me. I am still recovering from the cost but I think its worth it since I only have to carry one thing not 4. Nokia95 is my new best friend. I had outlived the relationship with my old kodak digital and I had ruined my new Nokia 6288 which had also replaced my ruined Mp3player.
I was also constantly being too lazy to even switch on my laptop because its a well known fact in my house, if you switch on a laptop, you will end up browsing for hours and not doing a bloomin thing you were sposed to do.

So in comes Nokia95. It has my organizer in it to replace outlook express, an mp3 player with sound quality that surpasses any of my old ones, its wireless so I can everything I need to in a flash without the temptation of surfing(you have to be desperate to surf on a phone right?) and last but not least its a brilliant camera. Check out the pics
This is me practicing the phones macro shots.

Whilst it is not up there with the greatest macro cameras, this is perfect for me at the moment

I would edit them to bring it in even closer but I have just had Vista installed and now have 4 hard drives also which requires for too much thought at present( I am not accepting the change and still using my old OS) I'll come around eventually but until then photoshop is out of action.

So what have I really been doing?
Trying to understand how to set up my new website. Unsuccessfully redirecting email and I am still without my old faithful personal email address.
Trying to set up wordpress
Designing like a maniac, not just in my head anymore but actually on paper.
Re arranging my studio because my eldest has moved out and I now have storage space. Whilst this creates an exciting new space it also echoes of sadness. I wasn't prepared for the nest to start emptying yet, however, that's life isn't it?
Soon I will actually have some craftiness to show for all of my work. And how cool is it that I now have a new camera to capture it with:)
"So excitement" as Kylie Mole would say
Ave a good one!


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