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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A print Gocco for me

OK... so I should be cleaning but I am excited and I know a lot of you would be too or have been because of this purchase. I ordered the print gocco basic starter kit. The guy at the shop that I called was impatient and cut me off as I was asking him a question, literally hanging up on me. I barely got "and what about" out and he said impatiently" OK see ya bye"
So I went directly to the site and ordered one. It will cost me $50 more to have it sent however this is an important lesson for me and everyone involved in customer service. Don't fob your customers off. He just lost a sale but because he may have just been having a bad customer service day I wont give out the companies name. We all have them some days. And on those days we may be responsible for losing a sale worth a weeks wages to some people. Something to consider when you are self employed. Something I will certainly learn from. I hope.
I cannot find a picture that I can legally put on my site anywhere so you will have to imagine it (insert imaginary picture of a print gocco here)
Cant wait to get my parcel!!


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