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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fantastic Friday

So as I promised to myself I set off to the shed for the day!

The crafty Goddess was on my side because I was on fire.

So I fought my way through the spooky twiggy trees that surround the entrance

And I finally finished this.
Last year I retrieved this from hard rubbish... It had one broken leg. I see them in shops ranging from $120 to $250 depending on the shop. All leather with a sprung seat, how could I resist.
I could start ranting here about how a cow and a tree died for this chair only to be tossed into hard rubbish to contribute to landfill. All for the sake of a broken leg which took me 2 minute (yes really, no exaggeration) to cut from a scrap bit of wood. I had to do the join Melanie style because I didn't have the factory bolts and inner tubing. It was barely used and I am sure of that because I could tell by the state of the remaining legs and the bottom of the legs were barely worn.

I thought I could be even more frugal and use one of the sample pots laying around to paint it but I'm not happy with it so will look for a good match tomorrow
with screws and grommets at $2.60 plus the $3.80 for the paint tomorrow

A bit of sanding and a lot of buffing and polishing the leather which was scratched mainly in my messy shed

It came up a treat. $6.40 What a bargain!
Here sits my finished jazzy joy doll( i made it for my daughters 16th and stuck money in her little teeny pockets) The buff on the leather looks awesome!
And finally my remade picture amongst my shrine to shabby chic that I just cant part with.

This is an old print my mum gave me when I was little. She said it was us when I get older having lunch in France. How could I possibly toss that out ?

Check out what is written on the back

This print is not to be sold in USA.
Why? I found that very odd but I am sure there is a reason for it.
Probably a boring one.
Oh and everything on the list given to the mess makers was done.


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