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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Changing Pictures, old pictures and the big picture

I purchased this 17 years ago in Bayswater from one of those little art exhibitions they have in the middle of Malls for local artists. I am sorry to the local artist but my tastes have changed.

So I gutted it and put something more..Melanie-ish in it. I love wire and now I have a frame for some old wire/fabric hangings I did 7 years ago

This is an old picture of my Dad. Bottom far right. He looks no older than my eldest son now. He can still kick a soccer ball too, even in his 70s

And now for the bigger picture. no picture included for this.
I have almost finished my tax(its laughabley easy since I didn't make a cent).
It is once again school holidays and in between a run away son (17 and just quit school), sleepless nights worrying about said runaway son, a cold and a very awful and on going child support issue rearing its ugly head, I have managed to clean my shed. Completely clean , organize and line the draws in my inside desk. Completely clean, fit lights, add more wall lining to my shed/studio. And most importantly I have set out my goals for my business in 2008/2009.

I have a goal in mind that will make me feel independently wealthy enough to pay off my credit card, get movie star(false) teeth( so I can smile) and save for a holiday my family and I have not experienced in about hmmmm 10 yrs. It might only be to Queensland or somewhere closer but hey, at least it will be an adventure. And I love adventures , big time. All this requires is hard work, better organisation and confidence(my new teeth will help that). Oh and a little less home life drama, yeah I know, as if.

Runaway son returned by the way, 9 days later, as if nothing had happened....... I couldn't draw, sew or knit while he was gone so I have a lot to catch up on. I did clean a lot though so that was a bonus. Life happens though hey? I laugh about how dramatic I can get, as if the sky is falling in. Anyhow, Im a happy camper now and the creativity is oozing again. Thanks for stopping by. May all of your teenagers resemble the Brady Bunch kids and may you always maintain a Doris Day like calm.


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