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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday at the club

After a 7 month break I have returned to the club. It wasn't supposed to be 7 months. It wasn't even supposed to be 7 weeks. Funny how you get sidetracked once you break a routine and then struggle to get back into it and then there is the time.... where does the time go???

Yeah it's a tough life belonging to a club in these surroundings......

One of the clubs greatest treasures is Bill. He churns these rocking horses out for charity, prizes and one night a week in a class he holds for rocking horse making. He is a true craftsmen. One of the many I get to hang out with in the hope that some of it will rub off onto me.

Billy brought in some show and tell. This arrow goes right through the bottle and it is one piece. Can you guess how? Whilst the blokes were stumped, our Elsie figured it out.

So Monday mornings you will find me amongst the noisy machinery and covered in sawdust.
I wonder how many of you belong to a club and what your club means to you? Not a week went by when I didn't regret missing out on my Mondays at the club and berating myself for getting out of the routine.


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