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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boxes of beautiful bounty for premmy babies.

With boxes filled to the brim, feeling very pleased and excited, Phyllis set off to hand over the booties, bonnets, cardigans, pants and many other assorted pieces that the generous woman of the Narre Warren Craft Shoppe had knitted,sewed and crocheted for the premmies. The garments were exsquisitley handmade with love and kindness as is everything these women make for charities and they are on thier way to the Monash Hospital to be given to families with premature babies. The clothes are so tiny. I wasnt a part of this venture as my skills are somewhat lacking in the garment department but I had to write about it with pride to mark the day. I was lucky enough to snag some pictures of the women making garments for one of the other charities. I was, however, too late to snap piccies of the boxes of tiny brand new hand made babies cloths but I did get to see them quickly before Phyll whisked them away and they were absolutely adorable!

If you live locally and love handmade, come and support the girls at the Narre Warren Craft Shoppe in Malcom St Narre Warren.

There is an enourmous range of hand knitted babies outfits as well as other beautiful hand made giftware. Yeah, I know, I go on and on about it, but with good reason. Its places like these that ensure the continuation of the art of craft. You cant buy this kind of community spirit or the atmoshpere created when a group of women are engaged in crafting and sharing their knowledge and skills. Where ever a group like this exists, whether in my town or yours, I want to support it, visit it and embrace it. Anyhow, arn't they marvelous? Good on ya girls!! Good on all the folks that do this kind of stuff!

Oh and totally unrelated,and all about me, its only 8 more sleeps till my first stall!!! Dont know whether to be stressed or excited at this point. Its like " oh my god, will people like my stuff?" Yes yes, everyone who has does the markets knows how I am feeling. But this is all about me remember? A voice in my head is saying " For goodness sakes, go get a real job" And i can often be heard answering that voice in my head out loud with " No, this is my job, shut up"

Last but not least. A big wave to my absolutely fabulous textile arteest friend Jan who occassionally spies on my blog and points out my spelling errors .I say to her, less time critiquing my spelling and more time being arty farty please. Chop chop dahling, 8 sleeps to go!!!!!


spindle_imp,  November 2, 2007 at 11:23 PM  

Dahling!!!!......I'm chop chop chopping.....have drafted a pattern this evening.....now just a quiet and quick word about one or two spelling errors.....ouch that hurt Mel! Did your mother never tell you to NOT hit people?

becsta November 11, 2007 at 7:02 PM  

Hi Melanie - I finally responded to the comment you left on my blog a while ago - sorry it's taken me so long! Good work with the premmie clothes, and good luck with your stall!

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