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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Aways knitting never fancy, never hard, but always treasured blankeys

I am obsessed with blankeys. Apparently I was very attatched to one when I was younger and my mum gave it some kind of ceremony so that I could get over the loss of it (after she tossed it in the bin).
I wonder how parentally correct that kind of thing is nowadays? I better make sure these ones can withstand 20 yrs or so until the kids can afford therapy for when the day comes and they have to say good bye to their blankey or I might find I have the bad parent police on my door step. They seem to be every where now!
Anyhow. I did love my blankey and I have done what any well adjusted person would do. I made myself a truckload of them. I made mum one too, just so she knows I am a good sport, after all, it was 40 years ago....

A Blue blankey of squares for Jaz because she learnt knitting, tried knitting and hated knitting. I guess I will finish it!

A heavy random brown blanket for Dad because brown is a very blokey colour for a blankey, should a bloke ever be seen with one

A stripey Blue one for Connor and maybe some red as requested by his lordship because 6 year olds insist that red and blue look cool in blankeys......and maybe some pink mum. What about maybe some yellow too?.........

My iced Vovo. mmm scrummy!!! This one is mine!

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