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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Market To Market we went

The Narre Warren Craft Shop was asked to put a stall in at the local School's carnival where they were holding a trash and treasure market. Whilst it was probably not the best setting for our well loved creations, it was good to be represented out in the public and a fair bit of networking was done. I dont think any money was left after visitors had purchased thier showbags and temporary tattoos. I might reconsider if asked to attend next time.......

I took some fabbo pics though.

JS is a very skilled Teddy Bear maker and these guys are awesome. I love love love her Little ones. I love them all!!

JU is a textile artist and she brought along some skeins of hand spun and hand dyed wool.

and she whipped up some coin purses

And these are my little pin cushions. Totally FAT FREE!!!. I figured that my bags, which is my real business, wouldnt sell and I was right. Perhaps if I screen print some skulls on them next time???

The following pics have nothing to do with the Narre Warren Craft shop. These are pics of the finished rocking horses that the members of the woodworking club I am in have finished. As a tradition we line them all up on Cup weekend. I think a few were scratched though because I am sure there were more. I am awestruck when I see how clever these guys are. Well ahem, most of the makers of these rocking horses are ladies so I use the term guys loosely. I cant help but show them off. I just reckon they're awesome.

So what next?

Well. I volunteer now at a historical site locally 2 days a week until about Christmas. They needed some help and I needed to keep my skills in use so it was a win win thing.

I aim to have my line of environmentally healthy, polypropylene free grocery bags available on my website by the 1st of February 2008 but I desperately need an industrial machine.

I am also working on guides and jigs to start banging out my new and reclaimed wood range of craft handles for all of you crafty bag makers out there. I might bang out a few embroidery cotton reels too. Hmmmm , I better dust off the lathe and the router eh? Move over Mrs Sewing machine, the noisy toys are comin out!!
Im hoping to keep that part of my craft as reclaimed as possible though so it always depends on availability.
Before I do all of this i need to build a room under the carport for woodworking only because I found, to my surprise, sanding and cutting wood in the same shed you sew in is STUPID!!!! Its like confetti. You just keep finding the sawdust in everything. Thank goodness I store stuff in tubs.

Between now and Christmas its a mad dash for cash for xmas. With 4 kids and 1 income ( yes yes, one day I will contribute) it gets really tight and I KNOW alot of people out there can relate to this. So I guess my Xmas list in on my list of things to do.
Time to make that List
Blog ya later


lucykate crafts... November 13, 2007 at 10:26 PM  

thank you for your lovely comment on my blog : )

those little pin cushions are really sweet, x.

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty November 15, 2007 at 11:13 AM  

Those pincushions are truly yummy. I might get more snacking done then sewing if I worked with one of those! :O)

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