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Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is what was today

The oven cooks with such ferocity that even when turned down 20 degrees less and minus 15 minutes in the oven the pies came out with carcinagenic crusts. My husband saw them through pumpkin pie lusting eyes and disregarded the blackey brown bits and still insisted late last nite that they are fine to take to his friends at his old work. I went to bed and pictured my impending shame. The women I was to hand them to was reknowned for her skills at EVERYTHING, especially cooking. I fell asleep with scenarios of the handing over of the pies running through my head. At about 6am my Dear M came and kissed me good bye and may have whispered I love you but all I heard were these magic words "you dont have to take the pies in, im sorry I asked you to do it" I was so relieved and then I thought " omg he saw how burnt they were and didnt want to be embarrassed" Who cares. My public humiliation was averted!

So I get up as usual. I rush to the shops at 7am to get a Joyce a card, make kids lunches, make sure Z is going to go sit his exam today which he wagged the other day(stress levels rising as I type that) and finally all 4 kids are off to school, some with odd socks, but all with lunches in hand. No teacher will be pestering me today because a kid forgot their lunch and I wont have to ask a teacher when they call " is my kid dying, if he isnt dying, if its not life threatening, if its not something that is REALLY important, then please dont call, I work too ya know" (thinks back to a time a teacher called me out of a meeting and wanted me to rush to my sons aid because he got a shoe wet.........)

So off I go, thinking Im late. I hand Joyce her birthday card and she says in her lovely Yorkshire accent" its nawt me birthday teday luv, its next week" ... So she insists I leave the card there, the card that reads "belated happy birthday" and I choof off to the craft shop with her and realize I am not late, im half an hour early... so we wait...

Even with an ominus start to my day I got the list sorted

Bracelet fixed and delivered to craft shop,

Joyces Birthday card delivered early

Joyce delivered early,

Oh and Joyce is going to be 83 not 84!!!

Ink cartridges in the printer.... After I bought 2 BLACK ones by mistake and had to spent my last pennies buying a color one....of course I opened the second black cartridge before I realized it was black, hence, no refund.That was yesterday. Today I spent an hour in the troubleshooting manual trying to get it to work. Refills are evil and I blame them for this printer drama.

Awesome. Job's done!
Job for tomorrow
Simplify life

Blog ya tomorrow


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