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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

And This little cupcake cried wee wee wee all the way home.

I was a women obsessed making these. I totally forgot I was a bag maker. I needed eye candy to attract people to my stall and I ended up making nothing but eye candy but all was not lost because in the process so many things happened.
  1. P from the craft shoppe taught me to do a colonial and french knot. So now I am an ametuer embroiderer.
  2. I fell in love with epoxy resin which is so BAD because im a greeny. I have guilt but oh my god I love epoxy resin. Its so shiny and glasssy! Sparkly! mmmmm
  3. I fell even more in love with sculpeys. So add ametuer sculpeyer to the list.
  4. I found a use for the 3 millions beads I have laying around that I bought during a "beading" phase.
  5. I actually felt clever at designing something from scratch which is much needed after my sewing machines gave me so much grief and wont sew my bags. (the nagging need for an industrial machine arises yet again)
  6. oh and we only had to pay for one stall even though we had booked 2. Bonus!!!

This list was put here as a reminder to myself that you can find positives most things. It also made me forget the negatives about the market and see how funny it all was.

  1. I parked on a beer bottle which smashed under my tyres.
  2. The lid came off of my emergengy glue bottle and spilt over many cupcakes(all ruined) and some bags and other stuff.
  3. A soap lady had a stall next to us and the only person who came back to buy a cupcake said she couldnt because it was s scented and her mum was allergic...... *glares at the soap stall*
  4. police could be located in 3 separate locations and this was a primary school!
  5. Finally, too funny to be real. on our way home and up the road from the school, a young man in a beaten up car was pulled over and being fined by 2 policemen on horseback. I would have loved to have seen that chase!!!

And then finally some questions I ask so that in future my life isnt so chaotic when under pressure.

  1. How do creative people manage to run a household, kids , husbands, dogs, cats and all the orher mundane stuff whilst they are in a creative coma which could last for weeks!!
  2. why do we creative people feel dead if we dont create?
  3. why dont other people see how much work goes into handmade things and appreciate it yet whine when their 2 dollar item breaks or poisons their kid?

The questions could go on all day! I do believe I have a house to clean now.

Blog ya later!


Lavender November 14, 2007 at 5:37 PM  

Oh, I could take a bite out of that cupcake, Id feel bad about ruining the pretty icing - but its so yummy looking LOL!!!
Mmmmmm, epoxy resin (((drool))) fun stuff! I can see your quandry, you may have to suffer guilt for your art? :)
You asked: "How do creative people manage to run a household..." I had to laugh - its such a struggle between the artistic and the mundane. One tip, keep the curtains closed during the day, and no one can tell how thick the dust is! LOL
You also asked: "why dont other people see how much work goes into handmade..." Tell me about it Sister! (((steam coming out of ears))))
Lovely to meet you, I will call in again. Thanks for stopping by!

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