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Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is what was Wednesday

Good Grief. 37 degrees. That shouldn’t be legal!
I have 7 pumpkin pies to make today for Thanksgiving tomorrow. M gets 3(he is going to share it with the kids I hope), his work gets 2 and his surrogate mother from his last work gets 1 and a friend gets 1. It’s so lovely of him to get his wife to make pumpkin pies for everyone from him. I don’t mind the accolades. Not much else I will be famous for. I could make any kind of pie really and they wouldn’t know because Aussies don’t generally know what the &^%# a pumpkin pie is. My first thought was “what??? You put a pumpkin in a pie, you people are sick? But then M responded the same when he saw his first 4 & 20 meat pie, “what??? You put ground up cow and gravy in here, you people are sick!!”
My husband is from Ohio, hence the epicurean shock from both sides. We may look vaguely similar and we make speak our own versions of the English language that some times need translation but trust me, there are vast cultural differences between me(a dinky die true blue aussie) and my dear M ( something about yanks here)
So I learned to make pumpkin pie and my dear M developed passion for meat pies. I personally can’t stand pumpkin pies. But I share my passion for meat pies, clearly, my bouncy hips and girdle can attest to that!!!

So today is pie day!
Next..I also need to get a new cartridge because I buggered the one we refill. I could buy a new printer for the cost of the cartridges and I will have a little cry on the inside when I pay for it. Hopefully I will remember to NOT clean the copper flat thingy bit with a harsh scratchy no name paper towel. OK ok I read the instructions but ignored them.
I have a Newsletter to print out!! It’s late!! They might sack me! Now there’s a thought. No more committee meetings, no more editorial duties………… Nah, I couldn’t do it. I’m just being a whinger. Mental note to self *you are out of printer paper too* Foine!! Add that to today’s list.

Email just in from my mum
Hi Melanie,
I’m planning to come over about 12.30 – should be good for weeding etc. and rain is supposed to ease by afternoon.
John has made you a curry. I will make something for the children so that you can have a cooking free day.



THE GARDNER , Jobs Done!!

Awesome!! Don’t ya just love mums! She is thanking me for letting her come over and weed my garden, fertilize it and plant vegies in it? Wow, I hope my kids don’t think I will be gratefully exploited when I am older. I will bake her a pumpkin pie as a thanks to her and my step dad. What a good step dad eh? He makes me individually served curries because My Dear M is epicureanly challenged and won’t eat Indian food or any thing foriegny looking.
Ok so make that 8 pies

Next on list
Get a card for Joyce’s 84 Birthday. Wow! 84. I don’t know what kind of cake to make her because she is a diabetic. I guess I could get a cracker and attach a candle to it. Everything has sugar in it. I really wanted to get her something fabbo but what do you get an 84 yr old that already has everything, including a speedy scooter that I try to race on foot but cant. I can’t make her anything. She is one of those people that could probably make it better anyhow and I will look like I am handing her a show and tell piece from kinder by comparison. While I am making sugary pumpkin pies I will come up with a sugar free birthday idea.

Next on list
A lady was perusing one of my handmade bracelets in the craft shop and she wanted to buy it so as Murphy’s Law would have it, the darn thing broke when she tried to undo it. It wasn’t an undoing one anyhow but nevertheless she still wanted it anyhow. I was chuffed indeed. She also mentioned some one else might be interested, so please make more. YAY
Make 8 pumpkin pies
Get Ink cartridges
Printer paper
Card for Joyce
Idea for Joyce’s present
Fix bracelet and modify
Make 2 more to replace it in shop.
This all has to be done TODAY. When, I don’t think I heard you right? TODAY
Ok ok
Gtg bbl ttfn omg!!


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