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Sunday, December 6, 2009

So Seventies

No, this is not a picture from the 70's, although it could be!

Caribbean gardens hasnt changed since I was a kid and I am glad. I hope it never ever changes. The market was still as packed as ever  and I had my very first stall there with my friend Helen. Its only 5 bucks on Friday so you cant go wrong. I went with a $50 float and returned home with the foulest takeaway capucinno ever made, 2 awesome hair clip for a bargan, a photoshop elements cd, minus $20 from my float and a free pair of luminous transparent green crocs from the lovely Asian lady next door who said no one was going to buy them anyhow and she didnt want to pack them back up. Both Helen and I have size 7 feet so we both scored as this was the only size she had. She couldnt force them apon any of the other stall holders lol. What does that say about our taste. Hey they were free OK !!! They do  kind of remind me of zombie feet when I wear them but free is free mate....

Im going next Friday. More of that later
Right now I am off to the yearly handing over of the toys to charities that our woodworking club holds every year. Not one toy was made by me this year but I am so proud of my woody mates that I must go and cheer them on.



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