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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And there she goes again, another project begins...

It may be because it is winter or it may be because Pam gave me even MORE magazines at P.I.PS yesterday that made my creative bone go mental with excitement.

My gorgeous friend Judy sent me this bed cover that she had for about 20 years because I said that I had a green chenille bedspread when I was little and I wish I kept it. I stupidly let my dog that can eat door frames and chew through sliding doors sleep on it.

Its full of tiny chew holes. He nibbles at it as if he thinks maybe I wont notice.....

"I didnt do it! "

So anyway, I am going to make a very ecclectic blankey out of it using a wide variety of techniques and patterns from the 2 million magazines I keep that I said I would need one day and now I do, HA, I told everyone I would need them one day, ner ner.
My very generous friend Elsie left 2 books for me at The Homestead and one was a women's weekly craft book from the 80s. It was fun to reflect on some of the things we made in the 80s and this book is definitely a keeper as a historical reminder of bad craft eras except for the quilt below. I have have have to make one.

This quilt belongs on my bed along with the 35 other blankets I will have by the time I'm finished. I say I am passionate about blankeys but others might say I am obsessive. All I can say is , mums out there...DON'T rip your kids blankey from them and burn it in some silly new age blankey burning ritual to say good bye to blankies because mum....we remember and some of us become slightly unstable and make so many blankets that there are not enough cupboards to put them in..............righto, I think I just went back to 1970 and went a little bit psychotic for a second... back to 2009
More hot nunde fabric from the spotlight bargain bin to keep my prices down. I want to do some funkier colours soon, I am a little over browns for now but I have to follow the bargains to keep them affordable. Oh to be a bigtime business and have more choices eh.

I just realized...Its the first day of the new financial year!!!!!!!!
A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month
Ha , I got you first!
Have a great day


Baino,  July 1, 2009 at 6:02 PM  

I had a blanky that was doomed to the bin! Deeply scarred I am. And no, that quilt belongs on MY bed but I'm neither clever nor patient enough to make it . .go you good thing.

Baino,  July 1, 2009 at 6:03 PM  

Oh Meant to say that your dog and my dog would be a match made in heaven! He's gorgeous.

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