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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The dreaded Lurgy

I have absolutely no idea what that is but I think its a term my mum used when I was a kid for when you catch a cold or feel sick. It sounds dreadful anyhow and I reckon it chased me down and has made me feel a little crook.
Instead of heading off to P.I.P.s today to hang out with my crafting buddies I went back to bed after school drop offs were done.
I reckon part of the dreaded Lurgies nature is to make sure EVERYONE calls you when he visits. Thats OK though because I got up and have been doing light duty cleaning and now I get to craft.
Im tired but can't sleep anyhow so why bother trying right?  Last week us crafty chicks piled into Julies big ford fairlaine and cackled our way to Boronia where Theo's was having a craft sale. Oh man, we were in heaven! Check this out.

They were .30 cents each.
I have no idea how to embroider but oh well! What a bonus, underneath the cotton are some embroidery magazines that our Crafty Leader bestowed on me. I will have to show you her work one day. She is a spectacular embroiderer.
So anyhow, I missed out today and I bet they had fun. I would like to think its a little more fun when I am there. Of course, everyone like to feel special:)

 Today is a great day to finish my rag rug. I had to redo some bits because I made them too thick which made it unworkable on small needles. I will show you soon, it is awesome and so so soft.
 Hope you are all having a fabulous day and to all you Melbournians, isnt this cooler weather fantastic? Rain for 3 days!! Oh My, aren't we lucky?
Cheers ladies


Baino March 9, 2010 at 8:17 PM  

Even with the lurgy you're creative. GAH. My girlf made a rag rug for her son . .it takes pride of place in his living room . . frankly It looks a bit tatty (hers, I'll reserve judgement on yours) but hey, made with love. Feel better now . .not 'spopi' which is your capture.

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