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Saturday, June 27, 2009

To Market To Market

With Hot nundes in hand. I have sold 2 so far YAY!

I made 75 teas and coffee in 3 hours

And I am going to make a couple of these stands when I get time. My stuff would look great on these I reckon.
And last but not least
This is totally unrelated. Even parked on the side of the road cats literally cross the road, jump on my windscreen and give me attitude.

It got even weirder when the furry hitch hiker started licking my bonnet, windscreen and side mirrors. My car tastes like sardines?
And even more Last but not Least than the last time I said it
"Breaking News"
A new art/craft market for hand made goods only will be coming to The Old Cheese Factory in September 2009
I have been waiting excitedly for this for about 18 months and successfully kept it shushed. Ill post info on it as soon as I hear more. Finally a market for us South Eastern indies that we don't have to drive for an hour to get to YAY!
Ave a great weekend


Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Creative Space

Due to my cat bossing me around and my shed/studio being full of stock waiting to be listed next financial year, I am confined to the kitchen

My space doesn't look very colorful does it? Today I am working on my take away cappuccino bags "hot nundes" for the farmers market this weekend at The Old Cheese factory

Can you spot the heart?

Check out other creative places at Kootoyoo's place.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy, Lucky and Glad

Do you feel bad when you are too busy to blog? I do, which is silly I know but its a burden us bloggers have to deal with.

I have had a fab week. More vintage things came my way. Lucky me. Dear Ronnie brought me in some of her mums sewing stuff as her mum is no longer with us and Ronnie hates sewing and craft in general. Pam knows I collect anodized knitting needles and brought me in 2 pairs that belonged to her late mother and before that her grand mother.

They are now nestled(lost) in amongst this lot.

I will treasure and use all of the above because they really are special.

Speaking of treasures, my princess turned 17 and we feasted on home made cannelloni that she request must be made by her stepfather, not me. Grandpa had 2 servings and then princess decided she must have ALL 17 candles on her cake.....

Then yesterday was a gorgeous day spent at The Homestead for PIP'S and Laurel from Miss Muggins came by with her project which we all oooh'd and aah'd over. Best not mention it though because it is a gift for some one I think.

I worked on my draw fresheners to replace stock that mice disgraced themselves on and ruined. I have since learned to store everything away and wonder why on earth I got the cat....

And finally today I am about to clear the coffee table again to cut fabric like a maniac if I just get this guy off the darn table

"Dude, I'm busy so get lost and use the kitchen table"

Fine.... change of plans, I'm off to cut fabric like a maniac in the kitchen........ stupid cat! I'm so glad I'm the boss around here....

Hope you had a great day.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did I ever mention

how much I adore watching and listening to choirs. I just love em and although at 13 I would have giving you greasies for even suggesting that( greasies - dirty looks) I secretly enjoyed singing in assembly at school.
Anyhow, not one of my fav songs but the chior is brilliant. Just had to share.

Sound effects are top notch.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another collection is born

It started with plates that were left here when mum would bring food over. Apparently they are my stepfathers and it seems like mum didn't like them because I seem to have the whole set now after 15 years of her bringing food over

Then I expressed my love for all things pyrex-y, especially mixing bowls, to Pam one day and the following week she presented me with 2 mixing bowl in pristine condition that match my step fathers set.

And then yesterday the posty brought me these, because they were on eBay and I just had to have them

So now, without any intentions to do so, I have started a matching collection of 1970 Corelle Butterfly Gold Pyrex kitchen wares.
And yet another obsession begins. At least I use these almost every day though. That justifies it right?
Cheers and ave a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homestead P.I.P.S

So I packed up my unfinished projects and headed to the homestead for this mornings group .

I just didn't know what to take.

My scarf to knit?

my embroidery?

my socks that need heels?

I couldn't decide so I took them all. Pam's working on a project for us to all do when we get more people.

Finished off with a home made curry beef pie and a skinny cap that I was served instead of me serving it to other people, yeah life's good eh?

When I arrived home I had a parcel... thats for another post.

No trash talk today. I need happy thoughts. Lots and lots of happy thoughts!!!




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The end of the financial year...... Reflections!

I normally talk about trash on Tuesdays and today is no different, however, today's topic is more about personal trash.

At the beginning of 2009 I made many proclamations involving massive changes to my personal/financial/emotional life that would benefit myself, my family, the dogs, the world and the universe, in that order. Some of the above has stayed the same, some have gone backwards and one in particular has surged forward.

Some may say that I had a bit of a failed start but I say I had a false start and now I am about to get seriously serious. Yeah, that's right, I'm serious!

With that said, I am not devastated that things are not better yet, I am not reflecting with great regret at the last 6 months and I am not berating myself(much) for having been unsuccessful. All of which I would have done repeatedly on a daily basis as part of my mantra just over a year ago.

So have I been unsuccessful? Indeed not.
How I am dealing with all of the above is evidence. Stuff happens in your personal and business life and we meander.
So what has this got to do with my normal trash talk that normally involves up cycling/recycling/reusing?
It has everything to do with the above!
Alot of the stuff we fill our heads with is rubbish and it creates even more obstacles in our path to success in our personal and business life and at the same time we fail to recognize or lack the confidence to see that a lot of the stuff in our heads is quite fantastic and needs to be tended to whilst weeding out the rubbish. Not everything is garbage! Here is how I am going to deal with mine.
I am going to up cycle some of my plans because they were good and still usable but need to be polished and perhaps added to.

I am going to recycle the plans that are rubbish and unusable and turn them into new plans or trash them all together.

Some plans need to be dumped into your mental landfill and left there then forgotten.

And lastly, I will re use plans that were good to start with and still are good.
Happy EOFY (end of financial year)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Fly buys surprise!

Every year we get to cash in our flybuys points and my husband cashed them in last month for this little cappuccino maker. I got home from work(making capuccinnos) and quickly unpacked it, washed it then went into a coffee making frenzy. Im not kidding. It makes coffees as good as the ones in cafe's, all hot with lovely thick froth.

Of course, I just so happened to conveniently have barrista skills that I prepared earlier and now make caps/mocha's and hot chocolates with marshmallows at home as well as work. Good thing I love coffee.
gotta love fly buys. Do you ever cash them in for anything good? Tell us all about it.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spray Paint Upcycling

This was a test and before I bothered to come back and check to see what happens when you go around clicking ADD THIS buttons etc, well, I got distracted. Would have been better if it linked the picture so I did that just now.
I must find a more creative way to link posts using that feature without the boring factor.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Look who has been visiting the burbs

Terrible picture sorry

Twice now these guys have passed by my house, squawking and making themselves heard above the freeway noise behind. We are getting so many native birds visit recently. We didn't scare them away when the estate was built because it was farm land for long before I have been on the planet so its pretty terrific that the gums planted by folks from this estate have given them a place to park their feathery bums and squawk.

yellow tailed black cockatoo

I think I have found my secret skill too(because secretly I am always looking for one). Bird listening! Oh yes, I am serious. I have developed a keen ear for different parroty type noises of cockatoo type birds and it was that talent that made me rush for my camera. Laugh all you like. I know this skill will come in handy one day......
I really need to get better at taking bird pics on the run.


Watch this!

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