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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sore sausage finger

A while ago I purchased a V-slicer so I could enhance my culinary skills by cutting vegetables into neat uniformly shaped slices because we all know that veggies taste better and are better for you if they re cut perfectly.

The first sign that my skill at using sharp tools didn't extend to the kitchen was when I cut the corner of my thumb on it. Nothing major. Just a grown women almost fainting because whilst the cut turned out to be barely a scratch, I was convinced Id lost a whole limb.

Then yesterday, after I neglected to listen to my know it all husband who told me to throw it away, I found myself once again yelling "Maaaaark" to which he responded with a grunt and displeasure at being interrupted just as his group in Warhammer were about to beat the current objective, which I could totally understand, being a gamer myself BUT.. The moment I poked my head around to snap his name out again he knew with one look at my paler than usual complexion what had happened, leaped from his chair to attend to me and then came the flood of reprimands, concern, more reprimands, scolding, and lastly "I thought I told you to throw that thing away"

He told me it was just little as he pieced it back together and after a day it has finally stopped leaking. So I finally took a look.... Well bugger me. There goes my aspirations of being a sausage fingered hand model. I think I'm going to lose the corner of my finger. We will see. So anyway, I "was" on a roll with my market sewing, website building and general bits of business stuff in general, after a long period of no motivation at all and then I went and cut my bloomin finger.

So I very carefully did stuff that was just for me because my finger just wouldn't stop bleeding on and off and the pins...... too scary for words to have pins nearly my wounded little sausage finger.

I did try though. I will be braver tomorrow.

Here's my bag. I just love hessian and I want to share the hessian love. Its so natural. Love the hessian man..

More home made cotton dish clothes. This time not made from toweling so the kids cannot mistake them for face washers.

So there you have it. I am a big sooky la la and I'm not ashamed to admit that yesterday I nearly passed out from something that the blokes at my wood working club would consider a mosquito bite.
Have I thrown the V- slicer away? Um.......
If you know of a safer utensil that does the same job please tell me.
Cheers and have a good one


Baino September 16, 2009 at 6:28 AM  

Poor thing. I feel your pain, I also am not to be trusted with sharp things or glass. My son bought me some tea towels on Mother's Day (yeh I know) and half of them were no nap the other half terry towelling and are CONSTANTLY used as hand towels and face washers! You'll be right by the weekend, keep the pressure off it and throw that damn thing away or get a pair of those chainmail gloves that butchers wear.

Lavender September 16, 2009 at 9:32 AM  

Baino had an excellent suggestion there - I should get one myself! Iam no stranger to hand boo-boos, hang in there!

One pair of Hands September 16, 2009 at 12:47 PM  

Fingernails put a nice bit of crunch into coleslaw but I really don't fancy bits of finger. Seriously I do sympathise and I do hope you mend up quickly but knives, can-lids and graters can be kitchen hazards too. Perhaps you could train Mr. Nundy to do the cooking.

Melanie September 16, 2009 at 10:53 PM  

Baino - I think I like the idea of chainmail gloves. I could get all medieval in the kitchen. Sweet!

Lavender - It must be because we are so creatively brilliant. I see the connection, yes?

Elsie - Perhaps I could keep my fingers permanently covered in bandaids so that he does keep cooking.

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