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Monday, September 29, 2008

To Do Lists

One thing I can tick off of my To Do list is "Make a picture To Do list"
My husband does always say I work better with pictures. (probably because my eyes glaze over with too much writing, omg all those words" And here it is!! I added bold text on each picture and printed out a 35 pic per sheet print, cut and pasted ( like for real cut and paste, with like real scissors)
That's a domestic one done
Next on my old fashion written To Do list is to make a Business one.
Then a fun one, we always forget the fun ones eh?
This is your obsessive compulsive To Do'er signing out


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something to Blog about


Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Yet another Friday and the weather is so windy and balmy that I cannot sleep and thoughts of things to do, things to fix, things to clean whirled around in my head as fast as the gale is blowing outside and after 4 hours of sleep I decided "oh bugger it" and got up to face the day that will not let me sleep.

Are you a To Do list person?

I am

My property is like an archaeological To Do dig in fact and sometimes after a clean up I will find To Do lists dated back to when I didn't have so many wrinkles. Some of those "To Do's" include things like "lose 5 kilos" ...well good grief, I must have read that wrong and thought it said "Gain 15 kilos" . I clearly need a "To Do" translater.

I even have a shrine of things TO DO for 2008 in my kitchen. I dare not look today, this day, the day that I feel like a "To Do" fraud.

So, being the obsessive compulsive that I am, I am going to buy a scrap book today and photograph my TO DOs in an effort to be more inspirational and creative in how I tell myself To Do things.
Anyhow, enough about me and my To Do tragedy and more about people that DO

The Button Floozies are offering prizes to celebrate reaching 40 plus members. They donate to the Breast cancer society and all they ask is that you click on the Breast Cancer Logo to enter.

This week I had a blog shock. I was reading Hidden in France's blog updates only to find out that one of my most favourite interior design blogger has up and deleted her blog @ All Things Bright and Beautiful. Myself and others are suffering from blogger grief. I wonder if there is therapy for that?
1 and a half hours until the shops open... what to do... what to do.....Well it is officially Spring now so I guess cleaning is appropriate. Right? Now where is my pen and some paper. I must write a Spring To Do list!!!
Oo' roo


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finished Products..Yes I really do make stuff!!!!!!

Vanilla Draw fresheners. If they appear to be similar to a certain Arnotts biscuit well maybe I was inspired after eating copious amounts of them as a kid but for legal reasons I cannot actually call them something like Ahhh 100's & 1000's.
Packaged and ready for the shop. I will keep some for my online stores. Available from this coming Monday.

A sneak peak at my other creations. I have a batch of 20 underway and its lovely when people ask me "when are you making more, please make more"
I will also be listing them on Monday.
Everything is designed and made by me with the hope that people will buy them and appreciate the effort that went into each individual piece.
Back to work. I have dinner to cook then 18 nunde cupcake pincushion/ornaments to finish.
Thanks for stopping by. And thanks to bloggers all over for the inspiration to create and the clever tips and techniques on how to achieve even the smallest skill.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaks Over Game over

It is the last night of our week long break and real life is awaiting us in the early morn.
1 week off specifically to participate in the world release of Warhammer Online. No work was done. Bad food was eaten. I gained 2 pounds. Up until 3 am then at it again the next day. Its all about levelling and armor. RAWR We are passionate , obsessive and giddy generation X gamers but now its game over and we have to act like grown ups again.

I did, of course go to the community centre craft shop on my shift and took this photo for Pam. She made this for Di for her Birthday and she made all of it right down to her neat hair to her dainty embroidered shoes. Clearly Pam doesn't sit on her bum playing computer game.

So now I must try to sleep for tomorrow I need to work. I shall be catching up on of my fave blogs tomorrow, bleary eyed, while I drink coffee and trying to break the sleeping in late habit. Looking forward to catching up on your blog updates!

Oo' roo



Friday, September 19, 2008


Duck on a dead tree out the back yard next to my studio.
What a delightful distraction.
not blogging, photographing. I love my D60.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday snaps.

Nothing to blog so here is a pic. I cant wait to do a proper course.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

Cant blog, just finished my admin and now I have the rest of the day to .......play with my new camera ..seeya...click...click


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nokia N95 Camera. Its over!!

Its not me its you Nokia N95.
We have only been together for a month or so and already I my interest in you is waning. You claim to be pro but you are not. You look clean but underneath your lens is always dirty. You are a brilliant PA and you help me navigate and for that reason I think we should remain very close friends but my I have found my new love and I want you to understand, your just not as good as Mr Nikon D60.

I love present days!


Present Day

Apart from the awesome lunch that I had at the gorgeous Berwick Inn with my mum and the fabulous present I got to pick out for my Birthday at Apple and the flowers, books, dvds and ganache cake made by mum , oh and dont forget the spotlight voucher from dad and still apart from all of those goodies and the lovely text messages from my mates, the bestest thing I got for my present day...The best thing in the world.......was a surprise hug from my oldest son.

Oh and I finished a small job I was working on too. YAY pictures soon


Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday madness

Silly me, some of this fabric is showing the wrong side. Doh!
I was flat out this afternoon.
I had to get glue and came home with this
I decided I couldn't possibly part with my bag of old Tupperware from the Op shop that I bought to resell on eBay. It reminds me of when I was 10. There is one odd modern piece but Oh well!
I managed to find my way to my supplier and I have kilos and kilos and kilos of felt scraps to sort through. Beautiful wool/viscose blend. I love natural felt and just in time for Christmas so I better get cutting and packaging.
I had a very busy day indeed and now lots of work ahead of me. It was fish finger sanga's for dinner....again.. well I was exhausted OK!. I am sure there is some real fish in them so, shush really loud mum voice in my head that tells me what a horrible parent I am for not cooking a better meal. I cant wait to have everything finally listed.


Catch up at the woodwork club

I had the best monday morning. I went to my club and I havent been there for a while so I still get hugs when people are pleased to see me back. And with so many members being blokes, as if I am going to complain eh?

Here are some of my clever mates at the club. Rick was only too willing to pose along side his grandson Jake. They are holding one of the many bunk beds that Elsie and Jake have made. Elsie ran as soon as the camera appeared and is somewhere to my right, hiding behind a drill press. I would have loved one of these when I was a little girl. Rick is the supervisor and on occasion can actually be seen working. I am Joking Rick!! Rick actually teaches me many things and I have to keep in his good books because I still need to learn more.
A big HELLO to Elsie because I know she reads my blogs. Her and Rick would put me to shame if they ever started a blog as they are far more crafty, handy and cleverer than me and probably use better grammar.

The Santa's workshop is filling up with brightly colored toys that will been given away to some special kids at christmas time.

It wasn't all fun and games. I did actually work this morning. I went Op Shopping and found some stuff worthy of eBay. I sourced a paint supplier and a glass jar manufacturer and have made enquiries. One of my plans that I had many years ago may come into fruition. Nothing artistic though. This is for my reselling side of my business. More of that later. I am very excited though. And now I have finished my lunch as I blogged my mornings adventures so I'm off. Oh Oh, I wonder if my cupcake sculptures are dry yet.. be back later !


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