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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaks Over Game over

It is the last night of our week long break and real life is awaiting us in the early morn.
1 week off specifically to participate in the world release of Warhammer Online. No work was done. Bad food was eaten. I gained 2 pounds. Up until 3 am then at it again the next day. Its all about levelling and armor. RAWR We are passionate , obsessive and giddy generation X gamers but now its game over and we have to act like grown ups again.

I did, of course go to the community centre craft shop on my shift and took this photo for Pam. She made this for Di for her Birthday and she made all of it right down to her neat hair to her dainty embroidered shoes. Clearly Pam doesn't sit on her bum playing computer game.

So now I must try to sleep for tomorrow I need to work. I shall be catching up on of my fave blogs tomorrow, bleary eyed, while I drink coffee and trying to break the sleeping in late habit. Looking forward to catching up on your blog updates!

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