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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantastic Friday

Yet another Friday and the weather is so windy and balmy that I cannot sleep and thoughts of things to do, things to fix, things to clean whirled around in my head as fast as the gale is blowing outside and after 4 hours of sleep I decided "oh bugger it" and got up to face the day that will not let me sleep.

Are you a To Do list person?

I am

My property is like an archaeological To Do dig in fact and sometimes after a clean up I will find To Do lists dated back to when I didn't have so many wrinkles. Some of those "To Do's" include things like "lose 5 kilos" ...well good grief, I must have read that wrong and thought it said "Gain 15 kilos" . I clearly need a "To Do" translater.

I even have a shrine of things TO DO for 2008 in my kitchen. I dare not look today, this day, the day that I feel like a "To Do" fraud.

So, being the obsessive compulsive that I am, I am going to buy a scrap book today and photograph my TO DOs in an effort to be more inspirational and creative in how I tell myself To Do things.
Anyhow, enough about me and my To Do tragedy and more about people that DO

The Button Floozies are offering prizes to celebrate reaching 40 plus members. They donate to the Breast cancer society and all they ask is that you click on the Breast Cancer Logo to enter.

This week I had a blog shock. I was reading Hidden in France's blog updates only to find out that one of my most favourite interior design blogger has up and deleted her blog @ All Things Bright and Beautiful. Myself and others are suffering from blogger grief. I wonder if there is therapy for that?
1 and a half hours until the shops open... what to do... what to do.....Well it is officially Spring now so I guess cleaning is appropriate. Right? Now where is my pen and some paper. I must write a Spring To Do list!!!
Oo' roo


Gwen Buchanan September 27, 2008 at 9:01 PM  

I find To Do lists all over the house.. just when I think I have them all done another old list pops up from years back and still several of the to do's can't be scratched off.. But it does make me happy that at least a few are down for the count!!

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