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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Craft Shoppe

Kodak Retina 1b
My dad gave me this ages ago. He got it when he worked at Kodak in the early 60s and I stored it away with all of his other stuff, just in case, because you never know when you might need something. My Dad is still with us but he gets rid of anything that he calls"surplus to requirements" which is sad for my step mum because she dare not leave any of her stuff laying around.
Well, anyhow, I was just thinking recently how I would love to do photography because I am so crap at it but I want to do the old fashion stuff first, click wind. As I was clearing my shabby chic stuff to make way for my new simple earthy style, there it was in a decoupage box and I gave a little squeal with delight. I have researched it and for color its not the best but most reports say that for black and white pics it is on par with some of the best modern cameras. I will probably do it no justice but I am going to give it a go. Good greif, do I really need another hobby... OF COURSE I DO.
Catch ya, off to gather up Joyce and then to the craft shoppe. have a fab Thursday.
Click, wind........................................
At the craft shoppe

Today was filled with much laughter.
We received a postcard from our boss showing us some of the sights in Switzerland which gave a few old married chicks some giggles.

Julie said the charity function at the Inner Wheel went well and lots of money was raised.
G came in to collect some stamps left for him and I found out that his church actually sells the stamps and the money gets sent to Somalia to a non government organisation that assists people there. Its amazing how many charities there are and many aren't even heard about. On ya G! I wouldnt be much use because I never get letters from fancy countries with fancy stamps. Emails have fixed that.
Last but not least. We have boxes of fabric marked down for a quick sale.

Well that was Thursday. Now back to mundania and some real work


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