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Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing to do with craft, craftiness or crafting

I said to my husband " NO, I will NEVER EVER get a plasma TV. You know they use SO much power if every one in the UK owned one they would have to build 3 extra power plants" Well that's what I read anyhow. So for a year I went bla bla NO bla bla.
Look what we got tonite
a 50" plasma TV
I need to go plant 3 million trees to remove the huge footprint I have just left on the planet. Ok so I have expressed my guilt now so we can move onto the " OMG its so ACE"
I gave in because I was jealous about my BIL buying a new house in the US and I was having a pity party about how I wont be able to buy a new house EVER(insert lots of pathetic wife whining here about how hard done by I am because my house is old now) So I did what any one would do. I totally redid the colors in the bathroom, new towels, new furniture and the ensuite and then I started on the lounge and ripped all the shabby chic stuff out and now I am redecorating the lounge.
I dont know how I will fit all of that redecorating in because something that most crafters could care less about happens this weekend
evil time wasting polluter(my husband made me do it)

Something that my husband and I have awaited for a long time and he has taken 3 days off of work so we can experience it together. We have upgraded our computers, we have raided our savings so we can slouch around and eat take away during this period because Saturday at 5pm US time which is 3am Aussie time the game Age of Conan goes live and we have early access because we got one of the limited pre orders YAY So our alarm will be set on Sunday morn 3am, oh yes we are that serious about a new game going live, and for a few days I will be immersed, along side my husband, brother in law and friends all around the world, on a journey into another world, and this world will not exist for the next 5 days. My pulse beats faster just anticipating it. I wish I could create the art that people who make games do, I would live there forever, and make myself really really thin :)
I will be back when my husband returns to work. I am so excited right now I could burst.
Have a great weekend


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