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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday @ The Craft Shoppe

It was a quiet day today and most likely people are snuggled up because of the weather. Last month it was up to 40 degrees Celsius(100ish F) and now puddles are a plenty and I am seeing the scarves get dusted off to ward off the chill. People in the Northern hemisphere would laugh at what we call freezing but to us it is freezing and even so you will still see some daft Aussies out there in shorts...
We had a chin wag about the Softies for Mirabel that Meet me at Mikes is doing and it looks like I can lure some of the awesome ladies there to contribute on behalf of the Shoppe. They don't take much luring though as they always put their hand up for a good cause. More of that though when it is pondered on a bit. If you are the crafty sort go that a look at Meet me at Mikes. I love when I stumble across people in the community that promote the spirit of helping and devote their time and effort in being involved. OK OK , I do go on about it don't I? These men and women that help other folk with out asking for so much as a thanks are worth prattling on about in my book, so I'm not sorry for going on and on:)

I have never mentioned this before because I didn't think it relevant but we are right next door to the community centre opportunity shop (thrift shop). I know there's a few thrift shoppers out there so I thought it would be handy info. PLUS you can come and see us, even if its just to say hello! We are right next door.
I got a few sets of nice old anodized knitting needles from there. .75cents what a bargain! I am going to add them to my collection.
Ta Ta for Now!


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