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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Craft shoppe Gossip

It took me half the day to work out how to do this...(the above thingamajiggy) Now the kids are hungry and I still haven't done it right. I need a degree in Flickrology 4sure. Looks like its dogs eye and dead horse for dinner. (Pie and sauce) yes, I am old, I speak rhyming slang :P
OK, back and eating a pie with a teaspoon, from inside out. Yum
I arrived to find new table in the shoppe today. It is rumoured that there will be a knitting/crocheting group held after it was noticed there was a few enquiries about the availability of one so I guess the new, bigger table is a sign it maybe happening. Now we can fit more ladies YAY! I better get a notepad because I can only remember about seven tea or coffee orders and combinations.
LC had a customer(she is our resident beautician) so she buffed and polished nails whilst I went mad taking photos so I could practice doing my first mosaic.
LC brought me in this cool bag from her trip to Vietnam wondering if I would like it because she found she had one spare and I'm like " omg, as if you have to ask, its a bag!!!!!" Check out the cool handles.

JS brought in a stack of Vinyl numbers for bins. She is selling this lot for $1.00 each 11.5 cm high and approx 8cm wide depending on the number.
If you would like some vinyl cutting done call Julie at the craft shop for more info. Below is an example of what Julie can do upon request.

It was such a beautiful day today. We even got a visit from one of our favorite volunteers for morning tea(only because there were no scones being offered from the aged care folks). Yeah we are onto you G! He is a top bloke and cracks me up every Thursday but he makes me sick how he can eat a plate full of cakes and remain thin. Most of us crafty chicks are trying to be good in 08 so we don't bring the customary cream cakes and chocolates which is why I think G has given us the flick. Today JS brought in a plate of home made anzac bikkies and what do ya know, in comes G, as if he could smell a cookie a mile away!! He works bloody hard for the community center so we love spoiling him when we can. This coming Monday we are supporting an Inner Wheel function for charity and Julie was madly packing stuff to take for our display. They are kindly letting us hold a stall to promote our shop before the lunch. Yay! Well, I cant wait until next Thursday. By then I will work out how to do mosaics properly like all the pro's do and hopefully I will have a bucket load of goodies done and ready for delivery to the shop. After all, I have 200 sheets of felt I need to use (grumble grumble, stupid order mix up)
Before I go. I cant stress enough the benefits of supporting our local community craft shoppe so whether you just want a chat or a hand made gift, please don't hesitate to come and see us. Or just come in on Thursday morning when I am there and show me how clever you are:) Take care and have a FAB Friday tomorrow.


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