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Monday, May 5, 2008

Remnant and recycled dog bed

Remnants of denim from a printing factory saved from land fill
Remnants of luxurious curtain fabric from the Berwick Custom made Drape shop
1 old polyester doona/comforter (unused spare taking up space in my linen press) single bed size, cut to shape, stacked and sewn together on the inside.
I forgot the handle to hang in up in the laundry when not in use( my dogs are lazy, it will always be in use.
To wash, all I need to do is throw it in my machine as I did when it was a doona.
100 percent reused, recycled, recreated.
75cm x 55 cm to suit my small kelpie size mutt. Will need a bigger one for Pig the humungous labrador
Love it!


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