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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day. Bring on the loot!!

A week of sewing, tag making and loot.
My daughter is doing courses in high school as part of her entry to her Degree (fashion design and technology). Some times my mind boggles at this because she resents having to use a sewing machine and avoids it like the plague. Here is one of her first real sewing projects, very expertly done for some one who was happy just to draw fashion and was disgusted at the prospect of actually having to make it like the rest of us peasants. ( 15 yr olds are just too full of themselves, gotta love em eh!)

I am a fully fledged lover of loot. Bring it on. Lather me with gifts I say and who ever buys me the best gift is my most favorite child.
My youngest got me a chair for my mobile phone, now that is cool! The middle 2 got me these doona slippers and the choccies(courtesy of Dad on his lunch break , wink wink)
Check out the Doona Slippers from Blumoose.
They were weird to wear at first but within hours I was hooked. They feel so clean and fresh.
The best present from the best child was.... all of them, because they were nice to me all day, including my eldest who refrained from expressing any 17 yr old angsty stuff all day. YAY
I have an inner ear infection so I think maybe the pained look on my face is making them behave. Oh well, if it works, who cares :)

Last week I spent many hours working on swing tags and labels. I had many failures and by the end of the week I had accomplished what I set out to acheive.
The picture below shows my mobile phone chair thingy, my queen bitch book from my mum ( she so gets me) and all of the gizmos I need to run stuff back and forth to my shed and various computers. I purchased a hole punch and used publisher to create the tags.

cost per swing tag (not including ink or string) 3 cents.
I am yet to take a picture of the end product so these average almost perfect ones will have to suffice just to mark the event.
Tags done.
Labels done.
Made by me, at home, minimal outlay and minimal environmental impact. I am very happy with it
Why have I got 2 mobile phones? Well, I upgraded our phones for free and was left with 3 phones. The LG phone has an awesome Led torch light on it and I use it when tinkering with my computers/peripherals. This phone lights up the entire inside of my case on my main computer and it also has a great alarm and calender. So next time you go to throw an old phone out( the kind that cant be changed to a different server etc), think about repurposing it. If only for the extra video/camera capacity, you never know when you need a spare camera lol

Now to do my tax...................................


Ravenhill May 15, 2008 at 10:02 AM  

I loved what you wrote about the loot and loving to be lavished with gifts! I am so much the same! What nice things you got! I like your tags and what a great deal they were!

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