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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crafty Pincushion Cupcakes! Cute and Shabby for the craft shop.


Lovely Lil' Transfer Labels

I did it!
I used MS Publisher to whip this up in 2 secs.This was to suit 6mm bias binding with a sewn edge. Printed it out on 6x4" Avery iron on transfer after I tested it on normal paper.

For this bit. I grabbed an old book. I wrapped mine in old linen I had then left a flap to cover the transfer when it came to ironing.

I cut the tiny little transfers and placed them on 6mm bias binding with enough edge to sew a seam

I Folded the flap over the top, careful not to move them, and ironed for 15-20 seconds with NO STEAM. (if you are going to try this , follow the manufacturers instructions.)
Then I peeled off the transfer and voila!

Then I sewed a contrasting edge. I might try tiny zig zag next time.

I am sew happy with them. I gave them a quick fold and ironed gently under the linen for a nice crisp edge. They are so tiny which is perfect for a lot of my crafty stuff.
Cost per tag is yet to be figured out but will do it as soon as.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I think I am clever because I can knit socks right, so I choof off to Spotlight and pick up a Patons zchivago Book of jumpers because my husband said he would like one. I thought this one was nice and certainly do able for a simple sock pattern master like myself. Well, my husband gave that face that said "please don't make me that, I hate it" then he commented the young pretty models who made him feel old and a jumper on those people simply couldn't look good on him. He would only settle for what he calls a fisherman's jumper So I wasted $12.95 on the blasted pattern book which will be heading for eBay soon and I also am left with an order for 22 balls of dark grey zchivago wool. I tell this to my crafty shop ladies and Joyce, my 83 year old friend scolds me and says she has a life time of pattern book I can use for free, and what my husband wants is an Aran jumper pattern(ok I say, acting as if I know what or who Aran is)

So the next day Joyce scoots up to my door on her electric wheelchair and hands me a bunch of pattern books. My dear M chose this one. Not the easy one that was a simple pearl plain kinda one that Joyce recommended. He wants this one......... I cannot even understand the pattern. My head hurts reading it. So, fine, OK, I will do it....... wish I'd just stuck to socks.

Off to paint, the sun is shining YAY


Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage Key collections.



If I dont use it, Lose it! Culling my collections

It's eBay time again. My collections are getting out of hand. Unless it is sentimental, expensive or useful, I am getting rid of things. Chickens are classed as sentimental so they are safe. Kids...well I have 4 so I reckon that makes a collection don't you think? I don't believe they are useful but they are expensive...anyhow back to the point.

I only use metal knitting needles.
I hate using plastic ones with a passion but I have collected them passionately in the past and I hate them going to the tip because some ones grandmother knitted gorgeous garments once upon a time and each needle, I believe was used with love. So I will try ebay. My house feels less cluttered already!


Doing Lunch at Diggers,Socks and Drama

One thing I love about being a stay at home working mum is that I can do lunch and doing lunch can take an entire day. Mum shouted me to lunch at one of our favorite places. Diggers in Dromana. The homestead is gorgeous but the gardens are more spectacular, especially in Spring. It is truly a treasure and only a 30 minute drive away for me.

The view is to die for.

Here's another treasure, me mum.

This light looked like rusted metal with intricate patterns punched out of it. I was told it was actually made of paper. The bottom square color is rust color also but my flash must have altered it. I want that light, and a room big enough to hang it in!

And here's some more socks. I call this my basket of therapy. With a son on the verge of dropping out of his final year, and a daughter on the verge of being expelled, I need more baskets and a lot more knitting. One thing I have learned from all of this. Never ever say "oh my kids will never be like that" because they just damn well might and your left with egg on your face.

So with mental exhaustion from parenting drama and dysfunction in the home to match any series of Jerry Springer, I plod on with my business, getting nowhere fast, and daydreaming more and more about running away to Tuscany with my husband. Dear M, my husband and partner in crap parenting(according to our teenagers) sat down one night, exhausted , opened up the cheap flight centre website and asked me where I want to go. I said the US again. He said no way, he lived there and wants somewhere new, so how about Europe. I said no way, I have been to UK and want some where new so we punched in for a flight immediately to Tuscany. Fortunately for the kids you cannot book a flight for THAT day. You have to book it 3 days in advance so our escape was thwarted. Alas the children are stuck with the worlds worst parents for a while longer.
Here's a list of why we are crap parents
We don't let our kids drink alcohol and hang around with kids whose parents give alcohol to 15 year olds when they are at their house.
We don't allow swear/cuss words, especially to teachers.
We expect our 15 yr old daughter to be home by 7.30 during the week and wandering the streets is banned
We don't allow our 15 year old to smoke like her friends mums allow her friends to smoke
We will not tolerate bad and aggressive behaviour towards younger siblings and/or our belongings, resulting in damage.
oh where do I stop with the list. Horrible, horrible nasty parents we are.
So there you go
I am, without a doubt a HORRIBLE parent and clearly I need to adjust my ways of thinking and follow the way of so many parents now that let their kids drink, smoke and wander the streets.
When I am successful,(to me that means consistently working and earning money on my own) I want to look back on all this and laugh. Right now. I want to run away to Tuscany:) lol a girl can dream cant she?

For all of you other parents like myself that believe in taking parenting serious, STAND FIRM, it appears we are now a dying breed.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Term 2 Purging and planning(no pictures or craft)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cupcake Bunting

Im in love with this Bunting.

I am going to have to part with all of this bunting I make one day but until then I will pretend I have a shed large enough to hang miles of the stuff. Now that would be grand. Most people dream of bigger houses. I dream of a massive American style barn twice the size of my house.

Arn't the old machines gorgeous? My singer is like an old car. I have to take it out regularly to keep it running smooth. It is now officially my bunting machine because it can sew through anything.


Watch this!

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