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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lovely Lil' Transfer Labels

I did it!
I used MS Publisher to whip this up in 2 secs.This was to suit 6mm bias binding with a sewn edge. Printed it out on 6x4" Avery iron on transfer after I tested it on normal paper.

For this bit. I grabbed an old book. I wrapped mine in old linen I had then left a flap to cover the transfer when it came to ironing.

I cut the tiny little transfers and placed them on 6mm bias binding with enough edge to sew a seam

I Folded the flap over the top, careful not to move them, and ironed for 15-20 seconds with NO STEAM. (if you are going to try this , follow the manufacturers instructions.)
Then I peeled off the transfer and voila!

Then I sewed a contrasting edge. I might try tiny zig zag next time.

I am sew happy with them. I gave them a quick fold and ironed gently under the linen for a nice crisp edge. They are so tiny which is perfect for a lot of my crafty stuff.
Cost per tag is yet to be figured out but will do it as soon as.


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