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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I think I am clever because I can knit socks right, so I choof off to Spotlight and pick up a Patons zchivago Book of jumpers because my husband said he would like one. I thought this one was nice and certainly do able for a simple sock pattern master like myself. Well, my husband gave that face that said "please don't make me that, I hate it" then he commented the young pretty models who made him feel old and a jumper on those people simply couldn't look good on him. He would only settle for what he calls a fisherman's jumper So I wasted $12.95 on the blasted pattern book which will be heading for eBay soon and I also am left with an order for 22 balls of dark grey zchivago wool. I tell this to my crafty shop ladies and Joyce, my 83 year old friend scolds me and says she has a life time of pattern book I can use for free, and what my husband wants is an Aran jumper pattern(ok I say, acting as if I know what or who Aran is)

So the next day Joyce scoots up to my door on her electric wheelchair and hands me a bunch of pattern books. My dear M chose this one. Not the easy one that was a simple pearl plain kinda one that Joyce recommended. He wants this one......... I cannot even understand the pattern. My head hurts reading it. So, fine, OK, I will do it....... wish I'd just stuck to socks.

Off to paint, the sun is shining YAY


PG April 22, 2008 at 5:22 PM  

Did you know that they are from the Island of Aran in Scotland? They are traditional fishermans jumpers and you are very brave indeed for knitting one! The twisted cable patterns are particularly interesting...

Watch this!

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