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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Craft Shoppe Narre Warren

This picture may not look like much but it is my bedroom window. The shadows and the misty hazy look are indicative of Autumn almost Winter and the shadowy outline of leaves always makes me smile and be thankful its not summer. These curtains are never open in Summer. Many people passing by this blog wouldn't realize that in our Estate, washing of windows is banned and it has to be done without using a hose at all just like the car and anything exterior. So if my windows look dirty, blame the drought and the fines you get if you appear to be using water without a permit. I get looks because my garden is so green and lush, um geeze Mr frowny passer by, haven't you ever heard of mulching?....... anyhow
Off to work

And didn't I work hard. Not
I laughed as I knitted and finished this scarf which reminds me of coconut ice. P came in armed with mags for our 50 cents used mags stand and for the life of me I cant see how they can call them used. Not a mark on them and all intact. These ones are mine mine mine. G, our friendly volunteer handy man came in for coffee and told us a story that made us laugh so hard I don't know if we could have contained ourselves if a customer walked in. Good thing we work for nothing or our pay might have gotten docked.

The magazine stand has been restocked so if you live near Narre Warren go and grab one for 50 cents. You cant even tell they're not brand new. Stacks of embroidery and quilting, homespun mags.
I will leave you with a pic of my 7 year old on Tuesday night kneading the bread for every ones school lunches on Wednesday. We flattened out the focacia dough, smeared it with Vegemite and cheese, rolled it up, chopped it into slices and voila! Cheese and Vegemite focacia scrolls. Mum didn't have to make any sandwiches in the morning because it had the bread and all the innards combined. See how fab it is when kids can cook. Clever me bought a 5kg pack of baking flour today....................plotting

I will take pics of the finished product next time. If I'm not too lazy.


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