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Friday, June 20, 2008

Email address unavailable

Due to it being tax time I am without my email address until the 1st of July because my husband wasn't happy with the website host( not sure of terminology, that's my husbands department). I love getting emails from everyone so I thought I would warn you that I will not be receiving any for a few weeks. At least for a few weeks my email cant be used for evil either. I am so sick of being asked by people I don't know if I want my p-nis updated or would I like an extra 3 inches......... I would like to lose 3 inches around my waste perhaps so don't be trying to give me any extra inches.
My brain is bursting with ideas, plans and creations. Alas, my paperwork is a fright even though I have owned and run business' for nearly 2 decades of my life and I worked a few part and full time admin jobs during it. Whether it be a universal plot or a coincidence, I have 3 other separate bureaucratic bundles of "bleh" Thank goodness I had my morning with the craft shop girls yesterday. It was much needed therapy.
So no creating for me. Just paperwork. Its 8:30am. Time to get working


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