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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Craft shop Narre Warren

21 years ago, a couple of mums had an idea and thanks to them, 21 years later Narre Warren has a place to go to chat, craft and create. Thanks Phyl and Julie and the Narre Warren Community Centre for providing such a haven in our community especially for us.

Phyl returned from her European trip looking very fit and tanned and it was fab to see her back at the shop today. If you were ever going to have a boss lady, make sure you get one like Phyl, she is ace.
We had one volunteer missing today because her mum is not doing so good and I'm sending P a massive cyber hug and support to get her through the weeks ahead. She has many people here who think she is the bees knees and will be here for her through this.
Another missing volunteer is my mate Linny. It was so quiet without her, no giggling like school girls while I drink coffee and she sips boiled water. The 11:30 helper returned from Canberra after visiting her brand new baby grand daughter. CONGRATULATIONS M.
Here she is modeling one of the new crocheted baby blanket/shawls a clever member has made.

Just thought I would show my cup cakes again on display in the shop because I can

and another plug for one of the members who does custom made candles.

And look at what Soz has been up to. Gorgeous baby polyfleece hats! Only $5

Marg, Soz and myself are going to whip up some denim totes with the craft shop logos on them to help support the shop. And to promote our belief in caring for the environment by using natural reusable bags. Soz has made some toys ready to go for Meet me at Mikes "softies for Mirabel" which has prompted me to pull my finger out... yikes, how does she do it all? There are so many more women that donate there time to our community shop and I hope to plug them all eventually because I don't care if I sound like a broken record. The men and women that donate their time so generously to help the community deserve every mention possible. I am always in awe of how many devoted people there are doing so much for nothing more than the satisfaction than knowing they are helping.
OK , I'm getting all mushy again arn't I? If you can't get to our local community craft shop in Narre to support us then do your own community a favor and ask how you can help them or maybe they have a craft shop like us or something totally different. If you cant help them, take the time to say a hello to a volunteer and maybe even thank them. Cheers


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