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Sunday, February 17, 2008

What a sweet sweet week!

Valentines day!
My Favourite Flowers
Darrel Lee Chocolates
and a beautiful card

and even though its not the real puppy
I have been hinting about for months,
this one sings the same song I have
sung to all my kids when they were
little and I still do.(much to their annoyance)
Corny it may be to an outsider but to me
it was a sweet indication that my Dear M does know me and it was hillarious.

You are my Sunshine,
My only Sunshine.
You make me happy
When Skies are grey.
Grey's Anatomy is back on so let the knitting begin
Brothers and Sisters is back on too so
I get double the knitting done
and the week was topped off by
the addition of 85 metres of fabric

plus another 20 odd metres on rolls not shown

and finally some projects in the WIP pile finished.

This week there will be much sewing done. Alot of knitting. And a bit of woodwork. I shall be logging my progress as I go or should I say blogging.
Have a fantastic week!


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