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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

stuff I collect

stuff I collect
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metal knitting needles. Sparkly!!!

I totally love the noise and the feel of the click clack click clack of metal needles. I started my collection by scouring the local Op Shops and when I had exhausted that I turned to Ebay. I bought about 30 plus pair of gorgeous US knitting needles that complimented my already growing collection. The collection is much larger than shown but I have so many many projects on the go and alot of them are in use. So cool to touch, smooth to use and mesmerising to listen to. mmmmm shiney!!

I wonder what the word is for a collection on Knitting needles. Like as in a flock of seaguls, a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese. I wonder!!!

These are my not so adored but theyre always being used knitting needles and amongst them are old old pins, crotchet hooks, you name it. Some are rusty, some are bent. Most were sold on ebay to me by kids who have no use for their mothers or grandmothers needles after they passed on or became unable to use them. Will that be my childrens lot? The burden of offloading my collection of crafting paraphenalia. Who cares? Il be long gone, may as well enjoy them al while I am still here eh?

This is what I knit because I have no actual talent at knitting. I knit massive blankets. Not just little ones, MASSIVE ones. I started knitting 2 yrs ago when I quit smoking and my kids used to call me the angry knitter because i would sit there scowling and desperately wanting a cigarette while i tried to distract myself . I call the left one Iced Vovo and the right one is a massive queensize one I call blankey which so far consists of 80 times 20cm x 20 cm squares that seem to stretch out to an enourmous size and weight. This one is always being added to. The idea came from a movie with subtitles , i just cannot remember the name, but the girl crotcheted her sorrows away in little squares thats she joined together over the years and by the time her true love was finally available to marry her the blanket dragged far far behind her. Anyway, I knitted my withdrawals from nicotine away like that. Mine was a far happier ending, unfortunately for the girl in the movie, she died, I think the night her and her lover we finally together in a house fire. Something tragic like that anyhow.


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