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Friday, October 5, 2007

Craft Projects

Inspired by my teenage daughter's cheeky face, I decided to give making a soft toy a go. I have used many features from many people from various other craft blogs and I am hoping that it still looks original. I can only do this late at night so it will take a while and I am doing it all by hand, lets see how long that lasts!!!

Cradles Cradles and more Cradles

I am a member of the local woodworking club and each year we make over 400 toys for under privaledged kids.
Bob and I are the cradle makers and we have whipped up 24 of these this year and now they are ready for sanding. Bob is one of the most patient people I know and has taught me most of what I know about woodworking. He manages to do it all without swearing too much because I do stuff it up sometimes. It is funny when he swears though because he has the coolest Scottish accent and no one sounds as cool as the Scotts when they swear.
I seriously hate sanding but it has to be done. It is important to ensure that no cabbage patch doll is harmed when using one of our cradles. No dolly will suffer splinters and no Baby Cry no More will cry because our cradles rocked too far to the left and tipped them out. Oh and of course the kiddies will be safe too!
We do these on Monday mornings. Thats our Toy day at the workshop and its like a fair dinkum santa's workshop. Then in December, we proudly line them all up in our community hall and hand them out to various charities for them to give out to the needy. The Mayor gives a presentation and the Local Choir sings Christmas Carols and the local Quilters Guild whip up all of the gorgeous blankets for the beds and cradles. So much time and talent donated. So much Community spirit!

I live in a fantastic community!


Mumi October 9, 2007 at 10:47 AM  

wow..how fantastic...those toys look great, it must be so much fun to get together and create such beautiful pieces for those in need. Well done!!

Rick October 11, 2007 at 3:52 AM  

Very creative. You have talent.


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