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Monday, September 10, 2007

Making Hessian look Hot

Yep! Thats my goal. To make Hessian look hot. I managed to whip up a rubbish bag that I have embellished with hessian today and I am pretty pleased with it. I have used hessian as a natural stiffener in between the liner and the outer and with a bit of tinkering I will tidy it up some more.
I am of course a greeny and a total stinge so I try not to use most interfacing that I see in the stores because the natural cotton interfacing costs way too much for something thats going to hang on the back of a toilet door.
So hessian as a stiffener it is!!
I have cut up old pepsi bottles to make the 2 rims that the top of the rubbish bag sits between.( yes yes, i use a plastic bag for toilet bags GASP. It's all going to landfill, so the contents will be there for hundreds of years whether I use plastic or not and this does make me sad)

I did all of this of course when I should have been working. I have about 500 bags to make and a pallet of denim to make them with but I was compelled to make a hangy hessiany toilet door rubbish bag thingy and so I did, as I do, when compelled to do anything but work.....


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