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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hangin with the girls

The Homestead

Hot soup and large skinny caps were consumed in abundance today as we froze our toes off at the homestead. Thats how devoted we are to whatever it is we do, which sometimes is a lot, or sometimes nothing at all.
The Project
Today's project that was right up there with things to do that I think are cool and it involves refashioning things from the Op Shop.
I will show you more as we go along. Perhaps I can bust out an EOFYS (end of financial year)tutorial to celebrate the start of another financial year.

I arrived with nothing today but apologies for not having  an old jumper ready for the chop and just like magic Pam whipped out a jumper for me(probably foreseeing my slackness) and she never ceases to amaze me because it was my colors to boot. Pink, lime green and brown. Awesome!
Last meeting I learned the art of making Dorset brooches and the meet before that it was a Christmas theme thingy that I ruined and they may suspect it was on purpose because I loathe Christmas. I can assure you it wasn't on purpose...or was it?

So anyhow, to make up for my epic failure with the Christmas project I need to excel with this jumper /bag refashion idea to save face, and well, refashioning is my thing isn't it?, so I have no excuse.

A Random Rant
With the upcoming elections we briefly discussed politics and the subject that perked up my attention was that the Greens were going to ban Open fire places. Now at first I was outraged but then thought back to only yesterday and the multitude of days, weeks and years prior that I have had to inhale the pollution coming out of peoples chimneys because they burn toxic things that blow into neighboring yards, chasing us from our gardens on beautiful crisp perfect gardening days. Stinking up our washing! YES! Ban them I say. In residential areas you have no business polluting us. We only live a few feet from your chimney for crying out loud and don't you have a natural gas line running past your house too? This is the 21st century ya know?! Of course, all of this occurred to me as I was gazing into the alluring flames in the open fire place at the Homestead. I will miss those fires but I wont miss the ones in our street.
I can not express how much I am loving this winter and want it to last. I am normally a winter hater so this is odd for me. Old age perhaps?
Have a great week guys
I have a lot of blogs to catch up on.


One pair of Hands July 21, 2010 at 3:26 PM  

So glad you're back Melanie.
I'm whispering now in case my Christmas mad daughter hears, but I'm not a Christmas lover either.
Please show us lots of remade op-shop things - looking forward to seeing them.

Melanie July 21, 2010 at 9:45 PM  

Thanks Elsie. It was great to see you the other day and I am very happy to be back into the swing of things again:)

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